Now there is a "there" there

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Now there is a "there" there

Post by Idéfix on Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:50 am

Charles Krauthammer and take a principled stand against the connies defending the Trumps. Krauthammer says it well: these attempts to defend them are pathetic.

Helpful hints for trumptards: (a) is not a Democratic outfit. (b) Fox News is a Democratic outfit. (c) Charles Krauthammer is not a Democrat.  

Charles Krauthammer Slams Conservatives Defending Trump Jr. And Rightly So

Krauthammer: I defended them because up until today there was no "there" there. Well now there is a "there." And now to say as some as saying ... [excuses spouted by trumptards] ... come on, that is pathetic... When you get information that the Russians want to dig dirt on your opponent and give it to you, and support you in your election, you go to the FBI, you don't go to the meeting.

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