Schumer Rips Hitlary: Don’t Blame Comey or Russia, ‘Blame Yourself’

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Re: Schumer Rips Hitlary: Don’t Blame Comey or Russia, ‘Blame Yourself’

Post by Idéfix on Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:44 pm

This is shamelessly rich coming from you. You haven't criticized Trump for anything: boasting about grabbing women by the pussy, playing more golf on our expense in six months than Obama did in eight years after complaining about Obama golfing too much and saying he wouldn't do it if he were president, or anything else. When it comes to Trump, your only two modes are: (1) recycling worshipful garbage about Trump and pathetic deceitful excuses from the fever swamps of white supremacy, and (2) groundhog-like avoidance of difficult topics. You have very low standards for judging Trump; if he doesn't take a dump on the Resolute Desk, he's doing awesome! But when it comes to Democrats, you have much higher standards.

There is a saying in Telugu: Karna died because of a hundred reasons. Hillary lost due to a hundred reasons. These reasons can be grouped into several buckets: (a) her own bad decisions from before the campaign like giving paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and choosing to set up a private email server, (b) bad campaign choices like not going to Wisconsin and Michigan in the last week, (c) bad decisions of the Democratic party as a whole in abandoning much of middle America, (d) bad decisions by the DNC in trying to try to get Bernie out sooner, (e) bad decisions by Comey both in July and October regarding how to handle the email investigation, and (f) interference from Russia with the goal of hurting her.

Schumer is absolutely right. Liberals on SuCH have been talking about those reasons, both before the election and after the election. Democrats need to worry about fixing problems (a), (b), (c) and (d) before the next election. None of those four categories of reasons have anything illegal in them. Items (e) and (f) need further investigation. Item (f) is an act of aggression against America, period. The fact that items (a)-(e) contributed to Hillary's loss does not at all mean that (f) did not happen.

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