indian woman tweets

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indian woman tweets

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:04 pm

funny ...

told you so @amyoosed

Ugh hate it when I suddenly can't wear my torn underwear because I'm in a 'relationship'.

P @lovehandle_

If you take the words 'Daaru', 'Gaadi' and 'Kudi' out of Punjabi songs, all you would have to listen to is 'oho x10'.

Megha @ammoloaded

Jab dono "didn't told" se hain raazi,
Toh kya karlega Grammar Nazi?

aych @mumbaiifreak

"Hasta kya hai be ?"

I Am Not Nice @lady_gabbar

Bhaiya, puchke mein thoda aur teekha daalo 

Priyanka Lahiri @lahirip

"Toh Kya Ukhad loge?" is something you never say to a Dentist

Priyal @priyal

If we don't get off the flight within the first 50 seconds of it landing, the flight will take off again with us in it - Indians

Meh. @MissTumbledore

Indian mothers have the cure for gluten allergy and lactose intolerance. It's called "ek thappad padega toh sab khaya jaaega!"


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