I love my India

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I love my India

Post by confuzzled dude on Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:35 am

Khole (50), a resident of Shijinagar, had on Thursday lod vajinagar, had on Thursday lodged a complaint with the police stating that she wanted to appo int a married Brahmin woman to cook during religious festivals and Gauri Ganapati celebrations at her Shivajinagar residence. In her complaint, Khole said a pandit (guruji) referred Nirmala Yadav , a resident of Raikar Mala in Dhayari, to her and told her that she was a married Brahmin woman. Yadav prepared food during the rituals and for Gauri Ganapati celebrations at Khole's home. Khole claimed that she paid the cook Rs20,000 for her services.

On Thursday , the guruji informed Khole that the cook was not a Brahmin and was a widow.Khole visited Yadav's residence to cross check the facts and found that the cook was not a Brahmin and a widow. The two women then had arguments and a minor scuffle.

Khole went to the Sinhagad Road police station and lodged a complaint of impersonation and cheating against Yadav.

Long live Hinduism

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Re: I love my India

Post by silvermani on Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:02 am


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