a prayer

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a prayer

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:10 pm

born 6 days apart
known her since we were three,
not the best of friends
but lots of regards mutually
inspite of a packed day
she came to me in my hour of need
when most other butterflies didn't
a week later, i meet her in her hour of accomplishment
2 days later comes a heartbreaking news that i still wish i could unread
she lost a child, most brutally
a child who decides she's done with this world
all that at seventeen

one of the biggest pains in the world
is to hold a mother's hand
while she pines for her lost baby
it shakes you so much you forget your own grief
your chest hurts, your mouth is sealed
you pray and you plead silently when she pleads
to turn the clock back 24 hours
go back to when her life was complete
but there is no such thing as death

death is final, death is unforgiving
there is no second chance
we talk a lot about alive, dead, as good as dead
no. dead is dead. Death is final. There is no going back
as long as there is a breath, shallow, cracked, irregular
it's a life, it's a hope
death is the blow that ends it all
sometimes in a snap, sometimes slowly
it's the most constant truth about life
but does it have to be so cruel

i know depression is uncaring
i have read enough about it
i understand how one is helpless under its grips
but God, please make the kids see
atleast for once, please care about your mother
live just for her
it cannot be that hard, can it?


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Re: a prayer

Post by Seva Lamberdar on Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:17 pm

Nice poem / prayer with a serious theme and message. I hope the kids realize how much suffering and anguish the mothers go through constantly for their sake. A little appreciation and sympathetic gesture from children towards their mothers every now and then will certainly be nice.
Seva Lamberdar

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