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Post by t w on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:23 am

Twin babies are orphaned. Their single eccentric uncle hands them one each to his brother and sister to be raised separately (and knowingly) in London and Punjab. Each twin has a girlfriend that they are too scared to bring up to their stubborn and quirky parents, for different reasons. The highly enthusiastic sikh family is also setting them up with suitable girls. They eventually confide only to the single uncle whose attempts to fix their situation only flops every time. The whole movie is revolved around that misunderstanding and confusion. 

Frustrated me how people can't communicate in these times, but the movie was funny. One of the things that kept me engaged was watching how Arjun Kapoor is gaining his weight back and in what areas. But apart from that it's a timepass movie. Watch only if you are in the mood for a light nonsensical comedy.

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