blood oranges

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blood oranges

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:29 am

trust me to be a lousy shopper. Wanted to buy mandarins or clementines from Trader Joe's yesterday, for office. Saw a bag that said (rather I read), 'oranges', and thought, ok oranges but they look small and peelable enough, so picked a bag.

In the office realized how some of them have dark skin, and assumed they have gone bad. Still, kept it.

Picked up a dark one today, peeled a little, saw it's all black/red, and thought uh ok it's already bad, and threw it. Same with the second and same with the third.

Then an alert kicked in. ALL can't be so red? what's going on. So read the bag again. it said BLOOD ORANGE. So googled it. Duh, i am so stupid. Wasted 3 good ones.


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