Ashdoc's movie review---Farzand ( marathi movie )

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Ashdoc's movie review---Farzand ( marathi movie )

Post by ashdoc on Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:49 pm

The year is probably 1673 . Shivaji maharaj is planning his coronation one year down the line . But he feels that he cannot coronate himself unless he captures the fort of Panhalgad which near Kolhapur . Reason---the fort leaves the security of his kingdom compromised in front of the threat from the forces of sultan Adilshah of Bijapur . Adilshah's troops are carrying off women from the region near the fort for purposes of filling their harems . If Shivaji cannot protect women in his kingdom then how can he call himself king ? So the fort needs to be taken .

The movie begins with the capture of another fort called Sinhgad by Tanaji Malusare who was a personal friend of Shivaji .He sacrifices his life in it's capture . Now it is one of his proteges called Kondaji Farzand who is called for the new task of capturing Panhalgad . Kondaji selects only 60 men for it's capture against a defence force of 2500 men guarding the fort . They scale a steep end of the walls of the fort which the Bijapuri forces had left lightly guarded and surprise the garrison . They create the illusion of a full fledged army and attack the Bijapuri forces . They are helped by their spy Bahirji Naik , who has already penetrated the fort by sexually enticing the commandant Beshak Khan by using a dancing girl called Kesar . Kesar murders Beshak Khan and thus the defendants lose their chief . But still the capture of the fort needs a prolonged fight .

The movie has great photography , especially of the Maratha forts . Colours of the film are good . Music is patriotically rousing . Acting however is theatrical and over dramatic . The actor playing Farzand ( Ankit Mohan ) looks like a body builder . Kesar ( Mrinmayee Deshpande ) looks mouthwatering and acts well in a feisty role . Sameer Darmadhikari as Beshak Khan is more of a caricature . Shivaji ( played by Chinmay Mandlekar ) is okayishly acted out . Mrinal Kulkarni acts Shivaji's mother Jijamata well , inspiring her soldiers with her speech and her conviction . Bahirji Naik is acted out by Prasad Oak and he is okay .

The movie will be appreciated by those with a yen for history , especially if it is packed with dramatic speeches and events full of war and action . Also nationalists will like the fact that the true colours of muslim soldiers are brought out ; they are shown carrying off hindu women for the purpose of dishonouring them . Thankfully , regional cinema is not under the influence of pseudosecularism and the mafia from Karachi that controls Bollywood .

Verdict--Okay .

Two and a half stars out of five .


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