40 Modern Day Things Influencing Your Weight Loss

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40 Modern Day Things Influencing Your Weight Loss

Post by rasāsvāda on Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:17 pm

nice summary on why it's harder, as well as easier to lose weight than before

me. i am trying a new thing. 'lifestyle change'. As in, instead of doing what worked for me before for losing weight over 2-3-4 months, i am picking on things that i think i can always do daily. So, no signing up for gym classes, coz i know i stop that at some point. No tracking food, and no tracking steps. All have worked in the past pretty well, but nothing sustained. Instead i will trying to switch my diet, and walk/workout what i think i can do forever.

result: so far, a big fat fail. But i will keep working on this approach, let's see.



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