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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:04 pm

so y'day we went to a store to update/switch/upgrade our phones. Yeah, we sometimes embarrass ourselves as a highly dysfunctional family in public, and XH gets to call me - my wife. 

anyhoos, the guy there tried to sell us Samsung (galaxy i think). and we were like - nope. Anyhoos, while we waited for stuff to go through stuff, he dazzled us with the features - like aim it to a watch, it will list you its brand and sites that sell it; aim it to another language, and it translate you stuff in English; pics with night vision, etc etc etc. 

wow. We were still granddaddily stubborn enough to say - no, we don't use these features in daily life; we need to facetime or imessage or mac boohoo. But yeah, amazing stuff there.


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