Ashdoc's Bollywood movie review---The attacks of 26/11

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Ashdoc's Bollywood movie review---The attacks of 26/11

Post by ashdoc on Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:33 am

It was a situation tailormade to be filmed by the Badshah of blood and gore---Ram Gopal Verma who else.....

Bullets flying , blood flowing freely and bodies getting smashed to
pulp---Ram Gopal Verma must have been licking his lips in glee.....

No wonder he went wandering in Taj Mahal hotel ( which was the scene of a
bloody battle between the terrorists and commandos ) along with the
then chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh in search of a plot for his future
film . All this was done in callous disregard of the fact that such a
huge tragedy had just unfolded . And after the uproar over his act of
going on a reconnaissance of Taj hotel for filming his film has now
subsided , he does come out with the film---again in callous disregard
for the uproar ; thats Ram Gopal Verma for you....

So was the reconnaissance worth it ?? Has he come out with a film that
was worthy of taking the tour of Taj and getting all the criticism ??
Not really....

Of course he has shown plenty of what he excels in---dollops of murder
and killing and bodies getting punched by bullets and mayhem . The
terrible gleam in the terrorists eyes as they carry out cold blooded
acts of mass massacre is shown in a manner befitting the master of
violent films in Bollywood . Blood oozes out from both sides of heads as
bullets pass through them . And the director is not afraid or too
politically correct to show how religion is shown to be misused as a
tool for creating terror rather than mold society . The pitilessness and
remorselessness of those who train jehadis in Pakistan and those who
become machines in carrying out these acts is well brought out .

However the director stops at that---after the terrorists have killed
people at CST train terminus and Taj hotel and Cama hospital , the film
suddenly changes focus . The main focus then shifts to Kasab---the
inhuman face of the whole event .

Yes , martyred constable Tukaram Ombale does receive his moment in the
sun---how he captured Kasab is shown . But what about the NSG commandos
like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan ?? In fact , the fighting at Chabad
house and at Trident hotel along with the bravery of NSG commandos is
not shown at all.....

Is it because the director does not have the ability to show a military
operation like the flushing out of the terrorists by NSG commandos ??

Or is it that he was short of funds and the budget of the film did not
have the capacity to fund the showing of the whole bloody fighting ??

Or is it that the director wanted to spare us more doses of death ?? Now knowing RGV thats hardly possible is it....

But whatever the reason is , we get to see an incomplete version of what happened .

Instead , we get to see Kasab describing his point of view---how he was
brainwashed into becoming a killing machine by all the fears of hellfire
and promises of virgins and milk in paradise given by his trainers .
One good point is that the actor playing Kasab looks uncannily like the
real man and acts well in his role .

But then the joint commissioner then goes into a lengthy explanation of
how these acts are unislamic and against what the prophet of Islam
taught etc etc . In short , it becomes all talk and no action .

Of course , all this is to be expected from hindi films which are
usually notoriously tardy in showing military operations with precision
and deliver heavy only on the emotionalism part . Hindi film directors
simply lack the technical finesee to show commando operations .

At the end I felt that the definitive film on 26/11 is yet to come .
When it does , it should not waste its time in discussing as to how the
acts of terror are to be juxtaposed with what religions say about them
but should show the whole fighting in clinical precision . But knowing
Bollywood's lack of expertise in this field , it will be a long wait....

Verdict---okay .


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