Constructive Criticism is followed by Specific Suggestions!

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Constructive Criticism is followed by Specific Suggestions!

Post by TruthSeeker on Mon May 25, 2015 11:13 pm

At work, when you dont agree with your colleague, or even your boss, of their boss.

What do you do?

You say - I just want to add a few. I want to provide other alternatives, that we can think about. And then choose the best.

One tries to "complete" the picture, and plays their part.

In politics?

Its a "mere" fault finding exercise.

Sick of extremely non-constructive analysis of Modi's 1 year in power, analysis as done by probably HS failures who join media these days!

They are finding faults in each other?



A boss fires an employee, if all s/he does is finding fault, but not suggest a solution. 

What value does such an entity add?

With that mindset, everyone should ask - What "specific" steps Modi should have taken that he did not?

Not as some vague, ambiguous, political criticism - Acche Din. Bure Din. Garmi wale din. Who cares? 

Onion prices, My wish list of 24x7 electricity to all Indians (where a baby dies every few seconds, and a woman raped every other minute?), and all that "appeals" to people? Its all BS.

There has been absolutely no constructive criticism, even by media, because all they have to talk to are Congress/BJP supporters.

There are absolutely no specifics, to gauge.

For example - Say, we'll open a new medical facility in each Lok Sabha Constituency. Then, media needs to count, and report.

Specific goals. Quantifiable results.

This acche din, corporate ki sarkar, suit boot ki sarkar, land bill, all this is nothing but to fool people to create a perception, either of success or failure.

I hate Indian media to either fall prey to these slogans, or they are corrupt, or they are not even independently thinking individuals, and think that merely reporting political views is their priority. 

Reporting Political views is not news. Truth of the people is.



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