MCD, Police, Postings - Not in Delhi Govt Control?

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MCD, Police, Postings - Not in Delhi Govt Control?

Post by TruthSeeker on Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:07 am

This all is mostly news to me.

Then who governs Delhi?

Who do people of Delhi vote for?

What has been happening in Delhi for the last decades?

Did Sheila Dixit "compromised" on "status quo" ?

Is Kejriwal exposing the "truth" as never known to people of Delhi?

Today, I googled on - "Who does MCD Delhi report to" - And to my shock, I learnt that its an autonomous body. Not accountable to anyone? Not to Delhi Govt, not to Central Govt. 

Google also returned quite a few articles, saying - MCD Delhi is the most corrupt organization in :-)


So, how can an organization function in the capital of a so-called democracy, without any checks-and-balances, that does not seem right!

Its "elected"! 272 seats. Political parties! Every 5 years.


Being a Delhite, I dont even know when MCD elections are done? Who elects them, when?

A most corrupt MCD, and far more corrupt Delhi Police - none under the control of Delhi Govt? 

Then, what has been Delhi Govt doing so far in past?

To not even raise this point?

AAP, IMO, will only be judged in "relative" terms to other parties.

And I am shocked at these "other" parties, that they have been able to fool me for decades, that Delhi govt has always chosen to "compromise", play along with corruption, and "status quo".


I question if India is a true democracy, or people are simply fooled?

Thank God for AAP, for we even know as to what the city's governance structure is, or has been for decades!


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