Intolerance vs. Jihad?

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Intolerance vs. Jihad?

Post by TruthSeeker on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:04 pm

Authors could return awards on any day in India. 


Because 1000s of Indian kids die of hunger every day.

100s raped just in Delhi and around everyday.

ANY DAY is good enough for any so-called writer to express their concern.

After all, which grown up can even imagine a 1 year old die of hunger?

Imagine a child dying of hunger in your head.

So what are these people actually protesting against, instead of helping these 100s of kids/women dying/raped everyday in India?

They are not trying to help them.

Well, if they are genuinely worried, then they should!

Stop the rapes, death due to hunger, poverty, injustice in India.

Do the Jihaad against all this evil, rather than some "freedom of expression".

First, fight against the "freedom to live and survive".



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