Criminals in politics: India

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Criminals in politics: India

Post by TruthSeeker on Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:44 pm

The reason I blame so-called TRP driven Indian media owned by politically-driven individuals is because they have a million stories to report as "truth" in order to improve India, then to obey their political masters to instigate propaganda.

As a naive person in a democracy, every Indian must ask this -

Why does a murderer get elected as a MLA or MP to serve people in India?, to be the boss of highly talented IAS, IPS, IFS? To lead the defense forces? The reason for it is - Anyone in India, irrespective of their knowledge/education, is capable to lead. But what has happened? Men with malicious intent, who had the privilege to finish college but spent most of their time in goonda-giri have become another Lalu Yadav, telling all these IAS/IPS officers what to do? 

Somewhere - the whole idea of democracy is LOST.

How did this happen? Read for yourself:


RS seat goes for 100cr: Cong MP

50 MPs have criminal cases pending against them for more than 10 years

2009 LS race saw tainted faces in 450 of 545 seats

2014: 34% MPs have criminal background; an increase of 4 percentage points

1 in 30 MPs faces murder charge, for rest of India it’s only 1 in 1,061

1 in 54 MPs faces kidnapping charge

Democracy? Intolerance?

My foot!



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