Media is to become accountable!

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Media is to become accountable!

Post by TruthSeeker on Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:21 am

Indian Media has become "free" to a point that it has become unaccountable, in the name of being the 4th pillar of democracy.

Yes, Media is the 4th pillar of democracy. To raise, report, and talk freely on issues that are relevant to a "democracy" - to the people.

To the PEOPLE.

They choose to discuss JNU, inviting opinionated individuals who do NOT represent people.

They hardly report and discuss issues related to "democracy".

Their view of news has become Congress vs. BJP. 

An issue does not care for a political party.

Go on streets.

Report common people.


Its high time that Indian media is not allowed to run free, because behind the scenes it has become a face for political parties.

Freedom without accountability is Indian democracy's biggest downfall.

Its like - I am free to pee on any wall in India. And its a norm.

random musings on a frog-in-the-well-democracy where people think they govern! 


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