Jagan's MLAs are trooping back to mother ship

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Jagan's MLAs are trooping back to mother ship

Post by truthbetold on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:39 pm

The reasons seems to be many:

Some claim they were fed up with Jagan's style while others say they are going back after taking Jagan's permission. Outsiders say this is all a conspiracy. MLAs decided to go back to congress because the chance of mid term elections are slim to none (now) and two years is along time in politics with out power.

Congress leaders say they want the numbers and wel come these MLAs.

in 2014, the drama will rerun if Jagan is still outside congress.

Gali Janadhan Reddy of Karnataka seems to be clearly on his way to big house.

Congress once again proved it is better at this political machinations than any other party.


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