India is a country of Corrupt!

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India is a country of Corrupt!

Post by TruthSeeker on Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:43 am

I feel ashamed to say it - but its true.

Indian system is corrupt.

The worst part is - they are not even aware of it.

Post office, banks, street vendors - they think it is business as usual (BAU). 

Thet are ALL corrupt.

Without bribes.

Imagine them with bribes?

I cannot, because I honestly believe that I'd ruin their lives if they asked for bribe.

But folks in India do their public duty as if they are doing some kind of favor to public - as if they are not public servant paid to serve the public, but the public is supposed to pay them as some kind of favor?

Its ridiculous.

It is high time that Indians are laid off.

Ignorance of duty is corruption, and doing your duty is not charity,


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