Beer, by the calories

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Beer, by the calories

Post by confuzzled dude on Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:24 pm

Some beers really are light as advertised: Most 12-ounce cans of light beers have about 4 percent alcohol and 100 calories.

A beer, like Budweiser of the same size, is fairly light, too, with 5 percent alcohol and 150 calories.

But the calories start to creep up quite a bit when you get to Belgian brews, IPAs, and stouts, which often contain 7 to 10 percent alcohol. "When you see numbers like that, you’re getting into the 200- to 300-calorie range," said Moyer. That’s about the same amount of calories as a medium McDonald’s fries or a cup of vanilla ice cream.
The biggest health offender Moyer came across was the Irish beer shake from the gourmet burger chain Red Robin. Made with Guinness, chocolate, and whipped cream, the drink contains nearly 800 calories — as many as two servings of plain cheesecake.

The trouble with drinks this sugary and calorific is similar to the problem with soda: They're loaded with as much energy as many solid foods, but they don't fill you up the same way. So people end up taking in a lot of calories without the same satiety.

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