Help, my employee is not doing what I want him to do!

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Help, my employee is not doing what I want him to do!

Post by Idéfix on Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:31 pm

More incompetent whining on display from the "tough guy" president... I have seen some bad managers, but he is the worst bar none.

One Republican close to the White House said a number of senior aides, including newly hired communications director Anthony Scaramucci, have urged Trump to sit down with Sessions and work through their differences. So far, there has been little enthusiasm for that suggestion, the Republican said.

Those aides are giving the same advice that junior managers are given if they go to Human Resources and ask how to deal with an insubordinate employee.

Next time someone says, "we need an outsider with no political experience to clean things up," remember this is what happens when you give someone with no relevant experience an important job. There is a reason you don't ask for an outsider when you are going into surgery or you need your toilet fixed.

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