Obummer's legacy - rise of low paid jobs, meth usage

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Obummer's legacy - rise of low paid jobs, meth usage

Post by silvermani on Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:27 pm

The dope and change peddler did well for himself and wall st looters but utterly failed the working class. Smuglibtards think these people are subhuman losers who deserve whatever misery that has befallen them but fail to understand that there can't be a gentrified country where the white collar worker is somehow immune to the lava bubbling underneath the surface. The election of President Trump is an extreme measure and a sign of yuuge trouble/disparity in society. The next extreme measure could be even worse.

For lower income and rural segments of the country, a turbulent economic climate draws people to meth for its pick-me-up and energizing qualities. The Washington Post cites the Center for Disease Control (CDC), noting that some meth users rely on it to get “increased energy to work multiple jobs.” 

Blue-collar workers typically take on many jobs feeling the pinch of strained industries. And the impact of multiple menial jobs can create occupational stressors - long work hours, constant time pressures, harsh work conditions depending on vocation - which can take a toll on the mental health and well-being of working class professionals. For example, according to a study titled “Occupational Stressors and the Mental Health of Truckers,” 88.1% of the truckers interviewed for the study reported using drugs to combat fatigue and stress associated with the pressures of their job. “You know, drugs come along with it. I ain’t met a trucker yet that don’t do drugs,” said one trucker interviewed for the study.

With some work drying up altogether and America’s economy shifting toward service-based work in the wake of the Great Recession, the Washington Post sums up the issue with a theory that “the rise of meth coincided with the rise of low-paying, low-skilled service work, where people had to work multiple menial jobs to earn the same amount they used to earn in one manufacturing job, or other good-paying low-skilled position.”

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