Ashdoc's movie review---Shark night 3D

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Ashdoc's movie review---Shark night 3D

Post by ashdoc on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:31 pm

With a movie having a name with the word '' shark '' in it two things are garunteed to make me go to the cinema hall--- is the cheap thrills that one gets by seeing some blood
curdling sharks with even more stomach turning teeth tear some innocent
victims to pieces.....

......and the other is the presence of some water body like the sea or
the ocean where the sharks live ; a water body that is garunteed to make
goodlooking girls take off their clothes and go swimming nearly naked
into the sea.....

Now which of these two things makes me more willing to go to the movie ??

Clue to the puzzle---I am a lecherous man

So off I went to the cinema hall to feast my eyes on some mouthwatering bodies and even more mouthwatering blood and gore....

And the director of '' Final destination '' didnt disappoint---in fact
the movie is more like a mini horror movie rather than a thriller.....

So a group of good looking guys and hot chicks go to an island in the middle of a lake for a holiday.....

But the girl who brings them there is a mysterious one ; she's a local and she's got a past she would rather not talk about.....

And as they move to the place they encounter trouble with some locals who turn out to be the girl's friends.....

......And the locals seem to be mean guys---one of them even has a scar
running up his face , while the other is a bucktoothed drunkard.....

The sheriff though seems to be friendly enough....or is he ??

Things certainly mysterious out there.....

But nothing is meaner than the sharks....

.....And deadly trouble erupts as the sharks begin to kill the holidayers one by one.....

But wait.....

How come the sharks came into the lake ?? Did they come by themselves or someone put them there ??

But put a hold on your questions---out there people are dying and the
holidayers are trapped on the island as the sharks kill anyone trying to
get off the island.....

Meanwhile you get some enjoyable chills and thrills as the sharks jump
out of the screen to seemingly lunge at you due to 3D effects.....

So who's gonna survive the feeding frenzy of the sharks ??

Go and watch the movie for that....

I found it a decent watch....

Verdict---good for some thrills .


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Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Shark night 3D

Post by Maria S on Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:57 am

Clue to the puzzle---I am a lecherous man

Hello Doc!

I don't know about being lecherous (!)..but, some times I do give into the choices of my company and go along to movies they want to go to..and this was one of them! I was expecting some artificial sharks..doing their shark thing- the usual stuff with people screaming, fleeing etc..and I could simply get some rest and sleep if I want to..but, was quite entertaining and not as bad as I thought..although predictable, kind of enjoyed it..and kept me absorbed!

Speaking of sleeping..went to a late show on Sat to watch "Bourne Legacy"..was really hard to keep my eyes was quite boring, imo!

Maria S

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