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Post by Guest on Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:07 pm

you know how it is with some people, they remember NOTHING.

"Tracy, so where did you go to school"
me: (the same one I have told you 5 times already)
"oh! that's a GREAT school! awesome"
me: (yep, was expecting these same words. thank god your opinion didn't change in 5 weeks)

"Tracy, what grade is your son in?"
me: (the same one I been telling you since September. he is still in it. Wish he was smart enough to jump 2 grades by now)
"Ahhh so still not in high school. So, did you decide what school he will go to?"
me: (I think I have explained 4 times that most students stay in the same BOE, unless you WANT to send them to special tech schools)
"Ohh? I didn't know that!"

"Tracy, look! they have Christmas decorations out already! Wonderful!"
me: yay (I said the same yay last week and the week before that)
"wow, I came here last week and these red ribbons weren't there"
me: oh ok (ok my own memory fades now. no, that can't be, can it? we had a full discussion about how Christmas starts from before Halloween now a days. Why did we start that discussion unless we SAW the decorations?).

Very soon, I begin diverting the conversations where I am only listening, not talking. Like, save energy. Why tell something when none of it will be retained anywhere. Plus, learn new stuff. So I ask questions that guarantee 10 sentence answers while I sip my coffee.

However, I sometimes feel like running an experiment with these kinda people. Like, give them a different info each time? Will that work? If nothing else, maybe my own now-fading memory will get a jog?


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