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Asshole silvermani

Post by southindian on Wed May 16, 2018 11:26 am


You are a blind moron with your head in the ass of that mean Pussy-grabber in White House.

Here's the list of Americans released from North Korea while President Obama was in office and this happened without a fucking Photo-op that you now see from the chest-thumping jackass Trump.
Days in detention
Likely reason for detention
Euna Lee17 March 20094 August 2009140Illegally entering North Korea (see 2009 imprisonment of American journalists by North Korea)
Laura Ling
Robert Park25 December 20096 February 201043Illegally entering North Korea
Aijalon Gomes25 January 201026 August 2010213Illegally entering North Korea
Eddie Yong Su JunNovember 201028 May 2011~208"Committing a crime" against North Korea[7]
Kenneth Bae3 November 20128 November 2014735Unauthorized religious activity
Merrill Newman26 October 20137 December 201342Issues related to his service in the Korean War
Matthew Miller10 April 20148 November 2014212Acts hostile to the DPRK while entering under the guise of a tourist.[12] He had travelled to North Korea intending to get arrested.[13]
Jeffrey Fowle4 May 201421 October 2014170Acting "contrary to the purpose of tourism" by leaving a Bible at a nightclub
Arturo Pierre Martinez10 November 201411 April 2016518Illegally entering North Korea
Sandra Suh8 April 20158 April 20150Deported for "covertly producing photos and videos to use in the anti-DPRK smear campaign"
List of foreign nationals detained in North Korea

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