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Vedic injunctions on righteous living and spirituality

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Vedic injunctions on righteous living and spirituality Empty Vedic injunctions on righteous living and spirituality

Post by Seva Lamberdar Wed Jun 14, 2023 10:10 pm

भगवान (ईश्वर, महादेव, गणेश, माता, बजरंगबली, ......) की कृपा के लिए जीवन में
(१) मेहनत और ईमानदारी से काम करना और रहना पड़ेगा,
(२) अपने लालच और इच्छा पर काबू रखना होगा,
(३) औरों पर भरोसा कम और खुद पर ज्यादा।

Nature of the Good and the Bad (Vedic ethics summary -- Bhagavad Gita: Ch. 16):

1. Freedom from fear, purity of heart, constancy in sacred learning and contemplation, generosity, self-harmony, adoration, study of the scriptures, austerity, righteousness;
2. Non-violence, truth, freedom from anger, lack of over-attachment, serenity, aversion to fault-finding, sympathy for all beings, peace from greedy cravings, gentleness, modesty, steadiness;
3. Energy, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, a good will, freedom from pride. These are the treasures of the person who is born for heaven.
4. Deceitfulness, insolence and self-conceit, anger and harshness and ignorance - these belong to a person who is born for hell.
5. The virtues of heaven are for liberation (of the soul) but the sins of hell are the chains (captivity) of the soul. Grieve not, Arjuna, for heaven is your final end.
6. There are two natures in this world: the one (good) is of heaven, the other (bad) is of hell. The heavenly nature has been explained; hear now of the evil of hell.
7. Evil persons know not what should be done or what should not be done. Cleanliness or purity (internal and external) is not in them, nor good conduct, nor truth.
8. They say: ‘This world has no truth, no moral foundation, no God. There is no law of creation: what is the cause of birth but lust?’
9. Firm in this belief, these persons of dead souls, of truly little intelligence, undertake their work of evil: they are the enemies of this fair world, working for its destruction.
10. They torture their soul with insatiable desires and full of deceit, insolence, and pride, they hold fast their dark ideas, and they carry on their impure work.
11. Thus they are beset with innumerable cares (worries) which last long, all their life, until death. Their highest aim is sensual (material) enjoyment (fulfillment), and they firmly think that this is all.
12. They are bound by hundreds of vain hopes. Anger and lust is their refuge; and they strive by unjust means to amass wealth for their own cravings.
13. They say: ‘I have gained this today, and I shall attain this desire. This wealth is mine, and that shall also be mine.’
14. They say: ‘I have slain that enemy, and others also shall I slay. I am a lord, I enjoy life, I am successful, powerful and happy.’
15. ‘I am wealthy and of noble birth (class or caste): who else is there like me? I shall pay for religious rituals, I shall make benefactions (charitable contributions), I shall enjoy myself.’ Thus they say in their darkness of delusion.
16. Led astray by many wrong thoughts, entangled in the net of delusion, enchained to the pleasures of their cravings, they fall down into a foul hell.
17. In their haughtiness of vainglory, drunk with the pride of their wealth, they offer their wrong sacrifices for ostentation (public display), against divine law.
18. In their chains of selfishness and arrogance, of violence and anger and lust, these malignant persons hate God: they hate God in themselves and in others.
19. In the vast cycles of life and death, because of their bad Karma or actions, God inexorably hurls them down to destruction: these the lowest of human, cruel and evil, whose soul (nature) is hate.
20. Reborn in a lower life, in darkness birth after birth, they attain not God, Arjuna; but they go down the path of hell.
21. Three are the gates to this hell, the death of the soul: the gate of lust, the gate of wrath, and the gate of greed. Let a person shun the three (lust, wrath and greed).
22. When a person is free from these three doors of darkness (lust, wrath and greed), he does what is good for his soul, and then he enters the Path Supreme.
23. But the person who rejects the words of the Scriptures and follows the impulse of desire attains neither his perfection, nor joy, nor the Path Supreme to God.
24. Let the Scriptures (the Gita / Sruti) be therefore your authority as to what is right and what is not right. Know the words of the Scriptures, and do in this life the work to be done.
Seva Lamberdar
Seva Lamberdar

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Vedic injunctions on righteous living and spirituality Empty Re: Vedic injunctions on righteous living and spirituality

Post by Seva Lamberdar Sun Jun 25, 2023 10:03 am

Many people forget or miss the point that Rama was a great Karma Yogi, dedicated to truth and justice, and as such an excellent role model to people to lead life like him. However, people instead are more concerned in treating him as god while seeking boons and protection from him with his pujas and prayers and without working hard and living honestly like him.
Seva Lamberdar
Seva Lamberdar

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