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jaise sooraj ki garmi

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jaise sooraj ki garmi Empty jaise sooraj ki garmi

Post by desi aunty Sat Nov 25, 2023 10:53 am

had a weird dream... that i am being harassed/chased by a chipku-type person from my past. It's a dark night, i am scared and annoyed, so i run up some wooden staircases and it turns out to be a ram-sita temple in a tree-house kind of setting. The sight is so overpowering that i forget about my pursuer, who didn't follow me here anyway. There are people doing pooja-archana. I am also seeing Lord Shiva's idol there and do a naman to it and to Lord Rama while a voice (in a tone very much like my mom's tone) is telling me in hindi that roughly translates to - "Lord Ram is the ultimate. he is THE GOD".  Then i come down, see the same harasser and walk away unafraid, and he doesn't follow me any more. 
Upon waking up, this song kept playing in my head... so i thought i should share, in case someone else needs to feel blessed. 

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