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Balls of Steel

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Balls of Steel Empty Balls of Steel

Post by Guest Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:05 pm

This is with respect to senior crime reporter J. Dey (Jyotirmoy Dey) who was gunned down in Mumbai recently. I added the last word which was not present in the original translation since the original hindi transcript had the equivalent hindi word (m********d). It is amazing that a relatively unknown journalist would talk like this to a well known mafia don.

"At the peak of Mumbai's underworld days of the '90s, Dawood's key man, Chhota Shakeel, had called him while he was riding his bike. Shakeel calmly told him in Bambaiya Hindi: "Tu abhi Vikhroli se ja raha hain, raincoat fold kar ke bike ke saamne rakha hain… udaa doon kya tereko? (You are at Vikhroli now, on your bike, and you've kept your raincoat folded and tucked near the bike's visor. Should I ask my men to bump you off right now?" Dey later told me that although he got cold sweat, something went "off" in his head. It was for him a rare moment of fear and anger. He told Shakeel: "Tu mera permission maang raha hain kya? Udaana hain toh udaa na, m********d. (Are you asking my permission to kill me? Why don't you go ahead and do it, motherf***er)."


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