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is a section of AAP racist?

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is a section of AAP racist?  Empty is a section of AAP racist?

Post by Guest Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:36 pm

Two of the four African women who were taken to a hospital for tests after Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti harangued the police on Wednesday night, said they were held captive inside a taxi for over three hours, and that doctors probed their private parts.
The women said that some men surrounded their car and did not let them get out. They were then forcibly taken to the hospital for a medical examination, they claimed. They returned home only around 9 on Thursday morning.
Delhi Police ACP B S Jakhar confirmed that Bharti and other AAP members had surrounded a taxi carrying the African women.
“We were returning from a party, when our taxi was stopped by a few men. They started shouting at us, calling us names. The police were in fact supporting us. They held us captive inside the car for over three hours,” one of the women told The Indian Express.
“The men hit us,” she said, pointing to bruises on her face. According to the women, the men then took them to a hospital. Some police personnel accompanied them, the women said.
“We asked the men where they are taking us. They said we would have to undergo a medical examination to check if we had consumed drugs. We were taken to the hospital and a series of tests were conducted,” she claimed.
Urine samples were taken and their private parts also probed, she said.
“They took our urine samples, put some machines on our body and also cavity searched us. We felt humiliated. We kept telling them that we have not consumed drugs. They then asked for a blood sample which we refused to give,” she said.
The women claimed they were then taken to the police station.
“We were taken to the police station and kept there for over four hours. We returned home only in the morning around 9. The police was, however, very helpful and asked us not to panic. But those other men were after our lives. They did not let us go home,” she said.
The women said they have a lot to complain and hope to get justice.
“There are many Indian people living in Africa but we never ill-treat them the way they have treated us. Some of the men told us that we are blacks and so we indulge in illegal activities. I have an export business. How can they say all this?” she asked.

this is anarchy, not governance. We need Congress back in power in Delhi.


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is a section of AAP racist?  Empty Re: is a section of AAP racist?

Post by Merlot Daruwala Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:57 pm

They are just following the teachings of Mahatma Anna. Remember the man? The Second Father of our Nation, victor of the war against corruption etc?

He's taught us the value of direct action. CONgoons have been using process and protocol for too long to shield the corrupt, the immoral and the criminal. Mahatma Anna has shown that you can't be the change you want by depending on due legal process. No sir. You have to take law into your own hands to be that change.

Tie up drunkards and druggies and slap them until they repent and change their ways. Stop whores on the street and brand them on their foreheads so the world knows them for what they are. Hang the corrupt. Castrate the rapists. Amputate the hands of thieves and robbers. Together we can. Yes, we shall. Jai Hind.
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