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Time to buy Oil?

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Time to buy Oil? Empty Time to buy Oil?

Post by TruthSeeker Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:49 pm

XOM (3.7% Dividend yield), CVX(5%) are in my radar. COP, even higher, but high beta, and P/E.

ERX is an aggressive play. I own this one already, should I buy more?

Is oil really going to $30?

Here is what I think: 2000 was Tech bubble, 2007-8 was Financials, is 2015-16 Energy's?

Tech and Financials have straightened their act.

Bottomline: Is this the time to buy into Energy? Or wait till Sept/Oct? All indicators point that either the time is now, or in next 8 weeks. 

Say what?


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