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Hillary for 2012

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Hillary for 2012 Empty Hillary for 2012

Post by truthbetold Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:56 pm

Time mag seems to say Hillary should run in 2012. I heard this from couple of other sources.

Obama's stock is down now and he seems to be not getting a break at all. Just when US economy is making forward progress despite all republican efforts to slow it down, europe throws that intractable 'eurozone' govt debt issue onto the world. There is no leadership, there is no responsibility and there is no willingness in eurozone. While it is doubtful that germany can do much about it, the worrisome aspect is that germany keep piling obstacles to one possible approach, printing more euros.

Republicans will kill any possible US budget deal while pretending to negotiate. They feel it is in their interest to have a failed economy, turmoil, constant talk of lack of growth and they are clear that it is their winning strategy for 2012. Cutting child care deductions to provide a 4% tax cut to rich over and above Bush tax cuts. It is a shame that dems cannot stand up to this kind of aggresiive attacks on middle class.

Hillary looks good because she is on the sidelines but if joins the fray, right wing will drag her name through mud including Arkansas history. Dem's only chance is a natural resilence of American economy. However time is not in Dem's or Obama's favor.


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Hillary for 2012 Empty Re: Hillary for 2012

Post by Kris Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:21 am

A more plausible scenario would be the GOP not getting its act together and despite the economic woes, Obama still having a slightly better than a 50-50 chance. A Hillary run would pretty much be a 'hail mary' pass, in the event of a
complete economic meltdown which would wipe out any chance of an Obama
victory. Right now, all the politicking seems like a sideshow, with no one clear on how we keep this boat afloat.


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