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Tobatek Singh in India

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Tobatek Singh in India Empty Tobatek Singh in India

Post by Guest Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:37 pm

When a mentally challenged woman can see the communal situation in India with greater clarity than the rest of “us”.

On the train to Palwal, a mentally challenged woman, with skin as clear as a 20-year-old's but whose hair and eyes looked as though she was 80, kept yelling loudly in Punjabi.

She cursed her mother-in-law for losing her wedding photos, and blamed Prime Minister Modi for her mangoes rotting.

Most of her anger was directed at a group of factory workers who were smoking and playing cards, a common pastime in these trains where the smoking ban is regularly flouted.

As the train rolled into Asaoti, she suddenly tugged at this reporter's arm and said: "They killed a Muslim here last week. A few years ago they beat up those Christian padrees (priests). During Partition, they killed us Sardars. This land is full of blood, look at that platform."

One of the factory workers dropped his cards. All fell silent.


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