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Post-Independence Day reflection

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Post-Independence Day reflection Empty Post-Independence Day reflection

Post by Seva Lamberdar Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:48 pm

At the heart of most of India's woes (

The population of India in 1947 right after the partition / independence was 33 crore (330 million), which currently in 2017 (only 70 years after India's independence) has become fourfold (quadrupled) at 132 crore (1,320 million or 1.32 billion), thus adding three times the number of people to 1947 population.

Naturally, the huge rise in the population is behind people in all communities and castes in India now facing more poverty, hunger, malnutrition, lack of space and water, etc. In addition, there is also the rapid depletion of natural resources (including minerals, rivers, lakes, trees and forests), deterioration of the environment and a decline and disappearance of the natural flora and fauna due to unprecedented growth in the number of people. More on this in the following from "India and the parliamentary democracy" --

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