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Some questionable claims

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Some questionable claims Empty Some questionable claims

Post by Seva Lamberdar Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:30 am

There were a number of posts recently on FB (1, 2 and 3 below in bold) which raise questions as indicated in the comments in the following.

(1) "Brahmastra can be compared to nuclear missile."


Whatever the real nature of Brahmastra, it was used mostly, according to the stories in ancient texts, against individual / singular targets by using the bow and arrow system of launch by a person, and was effective as such in disposing the intended target individually. On the other hand, the present nuclear missile is a much more complex system for attack, requiring more than a single person to maneuver and launch it (unlike a simple bow and arrow), and the resulting number of casualties (injuries and deaths, including long term after effects) and the collateral damage from nuclear missile attack are enormous.

(2) "The presence of Navagraha idols at temples indicates that our ancestors had knowledge of the nine planets in our solar system even before their discovery by modern science."


"Navagraha" (meaning nine planets) also include Sun and Moon as planets, which we know are not real planets (Sun is a star and Moon is satellite). Moreover, Rahu and Ketu, as part of the Navagraha, have no real planetary equivalents.

(3) "108, the holiest number for Hindus, is the ratio of Sun's distance (from Earth) to Sun's diameter or Moon's distance (from Earth) to Moon's diameter and therefore also the number of prayer beads for Hindus as 108 beads."


Claiming that the ratio of Moon-Earth distance to Moon's diameter or Sun-Earth distance to Sun's diameter is 108 and that is the basis for Hindus to consider the number 108 as holy and religiously important, while even using it (108) for the number of beads in their prayer rosary, seems nothing but a futile effort to try to explain the religious significance of 108 by using a totally unrelated numerical coincidence (108 as the ratio of Moon-Earth distance to Moon diameter and ratio of Sun-Earth distance to Sun's diameter).
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