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A wise villager

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A wise villager  Empty A wise villager

Post by Seva Lamberdar Thu Aug 27, 2020 6:59 am

I heard the following story, with a great message, when I was still in the primary school during 1950s.

A bright "educated" young man in a city heard about a very intelligent old man living in a village who was known for his great wisdom. He became curious about the old man, wanted to meet him and ask a few questions.

He thus set out to meet the villager.

When he reached the old man's house in the village, after getting directions from locals, he saw the old man dressed like a typical village farmer and tending plants in the field.

The young man was quite surprised to see the old man, supposedly very knowledgeable and reputed, dressed quite ordinarily as a farmer, working in the garden by himself and without being surrounded by a herd of disciples / followers.

The visitor was disappointed and thought that this old guy must be a fake and having false reputation. He even thought of returning without talking to the old guy. But realizing that he had already spent time and effort in traveling to the village and locating old man's house, why not take a chance and ask a few questions.

He thus approached the old man who was busy working in the field and asked him if he could give answers to a number of questions.

The old man didn't say anything and kept on working.

The young man felt annoyed as the old man said nothing. He waited for several minutes and asked the old man a question anyway, "tell me Sir who is the most important person?"

"The person you are dealing with at the moment," the man replied.

Then the visitor asked another question, "which is the important time?"

The old man replied, "the present."

The young visitor wanted to know the answer to his third and final question, "what is the most important task?"

The old man replied, "the one in hand, requiring the immediate attention."

The young man, quite satisfied and impressed by now, saluted the old man and left the place.
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