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Atrocious un-constitutional Communal Violence Bill draft

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Atrocious un-constitutional Communal Violence Bill draft Empty Atrocious un-constitutional Communal Violence Bill draft

Post by rawemotions Thu May 26, 2011 9:54 pm

Excerpts from economic times
Listing out some offences, he said the draft bill prescribed that a person is said to commit sexual assault through such an act against a person belonging to a 'group,' hate propaganda was an offence when a person through oral or written communication caused hate against a 'group' or a person belonging to a 'group' and any person acting under the influence of an association engages in unlawful activity directed against a 'group' was guilty of organised communal and targeted violence.

Excerpts from rediff
No member of the majority community can ever be a victim. This draft law thus proceeds on an assumption which re-defines the offences in a highly discriminatory manner. No member of the minority community are to be punished under this act for having committed the offence against the majority community.

It is only a member of the majority community who is prone to commit such offences and therefore the legislative intent of this law is that since only majority community members commit these offences, culpability and punishment should only be confined to them.

The first thing the NAC members need to do is to listen to the oldies in Kerala Mallapuram region, who were around during the Moplah rebellion. They also need to listen to the tales of Hindus in West Bengal & Assam. Instead of preventing all around riots, this bill seems to selectively pave the way for future Noakhali , Caliphate movements, Jihads etc..

By specifically targeting one community, we can even argue that this bill is un-constitutional, as in the eyes of Law , all religions, and races are considered equal.

In fact, as pointed out, the bill seems to incentivise trouble makers to create riots, knowing very well, that only majority community will be indicted. With this Bill, the NAC is jeopardizing the future of all Indians. NAC conveniently forgot, that India is surrounded by Non-secular Islamic countries (Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh) who have racial mindset, that are bent upon the destruction of secular values, and are using minority elements in India for a proxy war based on religion to destroy India. These elements allegedly will always create trouble, the way they have been doing so.


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