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Muslims won't mind if Narendra Modi is elected Prime Minister: Vastanvi

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Muslims won't mind if Narendra Modi is elected Prime Minister: Vastanvi Empty Muslims won't mind if Narendra Modi is elected Prime Minister: Vastanvi

Post by rawemotions Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:10 pm


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Muslims won't mind if Narendra Modi is elected Prime Minister: Vastanvi Empty Re: Muslims won't mind if Narendra Modi is elected Prime Minister: Vastanvi

Post by gorsimo Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:17 pm

I'm not a fan of Modi and I hope NDA fronts a more neutral candidate such as Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM) as PM candidate. Or even better, somebody like Manohar Parrikar (Goa CM) or Raman Singh of Chattisgarh. Given a choice, I would pick these any day over Modi. That said, I find this question loaded and singles out BJP in a nation where every political party has blood in its hands.

We have 3 main options at the national level:
Congress: The makers of Emergency, Sikh terrorism, Bluestar, IPKF, 1984 massacre, 2G scam, Shah Bano & Opening of Babri gates and countless massacres since 1947: List of massacres in India. Their inept rule keeps India in poverty (leading to 100s of unnecessary deaths everyday) and regions they dominate are the worst for farmer's suicides. Under Congress, we are just one step short of becoming a monarchy. Arguably the most corrupted option.
NDA: The makers of Babri Masjid crash and 2002 riots. Their attitude towards minority is arguably a little poor than Congress. However, they are arguably more development focused.
Third Front: The hodgepodge of regional parties who have ruined/are ruining Indian states in various ways. This includes Mamata (whose inept handling of Railway ministry has spiked accidents), Communists (who have economically ruined every region they ruled), Mayawati, Janata Dal (the party which brought our worst PMs: VP Singh, Dewe Gowda, Morarji Desai & Chandrashekar). At various points this also includes Lallu, Dravidan parties of TN, etc.

Goa CM -- and a better choice for BJP.
Selective Bias
We should all indeed be angry about 2002 riots. I used to hangout all the time at a close Muslim friend's house back then and his mom was so scared to let us travel across India for our research work. BJP really angered me then and I was even more disappointed with Vajpayee for not dismissing Modi as a matter of principle. For years, I ignored every news article about Modi.

We have reason to be angry about that incident. But, why stop with just that? Congress led Delhi & Haryana lead the nation in crime against women. Congress led Maharashtra leads the nation in farmer suicides. Congress ally Lalu ruined Bihar and made it lawless. Their ally Owaisi has presided over communal riots in Hyderabad. Why not let us be indignant about that? Are some lives more worthy than others?

Sikh riots of 1984. Killed 5 times more people than 2002 riots. My friend's whole family was burned alive. By Congress, in capital, in full sight of our Prime Minister Rajiv.

Do you want to vote for a party that has scammed us left & right? Do you want to vote for a party who is cluelessly fumbling with the economy? Do you want to vote for a party whose poor management is killing the rural farmers 1000 times more than Gujarat riots?

On the other hand, NDA led states such as Goa, Bihar and Gujarat have managed to perform well on development indicators in the past 5 years. Under BJP, Bihar and Chattisgarh have turned to become India's fastest growing states (clocking over 12% GDP growth y-o-y). Not saying much better, but relatively better. Chhattisgarh's GDP growth highest in 2009-10 .

Whether it is Telangana or 26/11, the present Congress government looks like a deer in headlights unable to make any decisive direction. In contrast, previous BJP government showed a little more balls whether it be Pokhran or economic reforms.

Time and again, present Congress leadership has shown its ineptness in leading us.

Lack of development is the worst form of violence
The Modi-phobia is a classic case of a statistically rare event completely playing with rational choices. For instance, we hyped SARS scare & other rare diseases when more common diseases such as TB kill a million times as many. During Gujarat riots 790 Muslims and 230 Hindus perished in a really sad week for modern India.

However, let us also not forget that 50,000 people die in India everyday from disease, starvation, poverty, violence apart from natural causes and a chunk of this can be saved through better development. Lack of development is a far more heinous violence on our populace. Whomever we decide, we have to see their development track record.
Lesser of evils
Now, when you are asking Modi supporters to justify their choice, I will turn the question and ask how non-Modi supporters can defend their choice of far worse barbarians. I mean how can you support a party that is so outright corrupt. I mean which rational person can vote for Rahul Gandhi (whose party presided over some heinous crimes in the past 5 decades). Which rational mind will vote for Mamata & Lallu & Mayawati?

Assume you are picking fast bowlers for Indian cricket team. What is the point of getting angry at Zaheer for being worse than Akram or Steyn. What matters for selection is whether he is better than rest of Indian fast bowlers. As simple as that. However, what many non-Modi supporters are saying is equivalent to: "Since Zaheer is worse than Dale Steyn, we have to go back in time and pick Debashish Mohanty." (Sorry Mr PM).

Politics is about picking the least of evils. Even assuming Modi was involved in 2002 riots (our legal system says one is presumed innocent unless proven), his competitors have been involved in equally horrific crimes.

Do you want to support people like her(Mayawati), if you want to not support BJP?
It is still not too late for non-Modi BJP supporters to ask for a more of a pro-development person (the people I mentioned in the first line). But, the reason should be development & not just facts thrown without context. If enough anti-Congress people prevail over BJP for Parrikar or another development oriented CM, it might still happen. Just as it showed in Vajpayee's case, when middle class come out to back that party it picks better candidates. But, by staying away from the party, middle class has let hardcore right to take up the party.

I really hope someday we will have better choices and when I don't need to pick a guy like Modi. It will come when we educated get in and make a difference. But, if nothing else changes there seems to be no option but Modi. When you pick someone you are not picking his competitor & viceversa. Whether you vote or not, you are making that choice. Own that choice.

Modi is the only way to stop Congress. And Congress must be stopped to show we care about governance & corruption. Let us even forget their ancient follies. Have you all forgotten 1,76,000 Crore 2G Scam? Have you forgotten Common Wealth Games fiasco? Have you forgotten Owaisi's hate speeches? Have you forgotten Prathiba Patil? Have you forgotten Sibal's repression against free speech? Have you forgotten all the misgoverance that every business leader from Ratan Tata to Narayanamurthy has spoken against? So, none of farmer suicides, rapes and riots matter to you?

If you have forgotten all the above, don't delude yourself that you are any more righteous, any more moral, any more holy than any Modi supporter. Wake Up.


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