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India's entrepreneurial contribution to organic farming abroad through manure exports

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India's entrepreneurial contribution to organic farming abroad through manure exports  Empty India's entrepreneurial contribution to organic farming abroad through manure exports

Post by Seva Lamberdar Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:36 am

From The India Times:

A Jaipur-based firm is all set to export cow dung to Kuwait, in what is said to be the first of its kind deal between the two countries.

Kuwait-based Lamor has placed an order for the import of 192 metric tonnes of indigenous cow dung.

"A Jaipur-based company Sunrise Agriland and Development Research Pvt Ltd has got this order," Atul Gupta, National President of the Organic Farmer Producer Association of India, told IANS.

192 metric tonnes of indigenous cow dung:

Prashant Chaturvedi, the company's director, said that this is probably the first time that the dung of indigenous cows from India is being imported by Kuwait. The work of packing cow dung in containers is going on under the supervision of the Customs Department at Sunrise Organic Park, located in Shripinjrapol Gaushala, Tonk Road, Jaipur.

As its first consignment, it will be dispatched from Kanakapura railway station on June 15, he informed.

Gupta said that in 2020-21, the export of animal products from India was worth Rs 27,155.56 crore. Apart from this, the demand for organic manure is increasing continuously. Many countries have found after research on indigenous cow dung that it can not only increase the production of crops, but the use of the products produced from it can relieve humans from serious ailments.

Growing interest for indigenous cow dung:

This is the reason that many countries have started importing indigenous cow dung along with organic manure from India.

He said that the agricultural scientists of Kuwait, after extensive research, have found that the use of indigenous cow dung in the form of powder in the date crop has shown an increase in fruit size as well as an expected increase in production.

India is the largest exporter of Cow dung and most of the shipments were to the Maldives, the United States and Malaysia.

Kuwait's bet on organic farming:

Kuwait, like other countries in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), is heavily dependent on imports to meet the country's food requirements.

Climate and the lack of water have made traditional agriculture almost impossible in the country.

Ref.:  B. Abraham, "Amid Prophet Row, India To Export 192 Metric Tonnes Of Cow Dung To Kuwait For Organic Farming," The India Times, June 14, 2022,  
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