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Agneepath apprenticeship scheme

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Agneepath apprenticeship scheme Empty Agneepath apprenticeship scheme

Post by Seva Lamberdar Tue Jun 21, 2022 7:27 am

It's a very good opportunity (with open competition depending only on the age 17.5 to 21 (or 23) and good physical and mental condition) for young people to join military style apprenticeship (well-paid training-cum-employment for 4 yrs.).

15% to 25% of the trainees (Agniveer) will be able to join the military on permanent basis after completion of their training, whereas the remaining (about 75% to 85% not joining military) will return to private life to pursue other venues and careers. Being well-trained and disciplined apprentices, they definitely will have advantage over others in finding new jobs, pursuing other careers and tackling complex situations.

There is nothing wrong with this program. it creates good opportunity (including the well paid apprenticeship and initial job experience) for young people to pursue military and non-military careers without spending money for coaching and training etc.

Agneepath will put many young people (in 18-23 age group) into military style 4 yr. apprenticeship (well-paid training-cum-employment for 4 yrs.) which will help them stay out of trouble (including joblessness, idleness and drugs etc.) during initial / formative years.
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