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Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India

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Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India Empty Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India

Post by MulaiAzhagi Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:34 pm

Q: Why did Prabhakaran order the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi?

A: He was convinced that Rajiv wanted him to be killed. He was worried that the Congress may win the 1991 polls and that Rajiv would once again send in the IPKF, this time to finish him off. So he decided to get him first.

Q: Who gave him that idea?

A: (After a pause) A politician from Tamil Nadu, whom Prabhakaran trusted, told him that his information was that Rajiv was angry about his refusing to give up the Eelam (independent Tamil homeland) demand, and that (the politician had information that) Rajiv wanted to take revenge by killing Prabhakaran. Later, when other politicians in Tamil Nadu told him that the Congress was likely to come back to power, he gave orders to eliminate Rajiv Gandhi. (This was about) five months before the parliamentary elections of 1991.

Q: Who is that politician?

A: I am sorry, I can't give the name. He is still around and very senior. You must remember that even by that time, Prabhakaran was very isolated. Almost all his sources for information about India came from Tamil Nadu. And it turned out that the Congress (and its ally, the AIADMK) did very well in that state. The mistake Prabhakaran's informants made was to believe that all of India would follow the Tamil Nadu pattern and give a majority to Congress.

Q: But Rajiv offered Prabhakaran a good deal in 1988. The Tigers would have got substantial autonomy for the areas they were interested in. Why did Prabhakaran go back on his agreement with Rajiv?

A: You must remember that Prabhakaran was fixed on Eelam. At no stage was he prepared to accept anything less than a wholly independent Tamil state. He said that he was forced to pretend to agree so as to come back and resume the struggle. He had no choice. Besides, he mistrusted Rajiv's newfound closeness with (President) Jayewardene. This was why he believed the Tamil Nadu politician who told him Rajiv wanted him dead.

Q: Why was Prabhakaran so adamant on Eelam?

A: You must understand his psychology. From a young age, he had put aside everything to focus on Eelam. He saw himself as the successor to the Chola kings, and wanted to create a new Tamil kingdom that would rival theirs in greatness

Q: Out of a tiny bit of land in the north of Sri Lanka?

A: To Prabhakaran, winning control over the north and part of the west and east coasts of Sri Lanka would just be the beginning. The intention was to use the territory to "prepare" the Tamil Nadu people to revolt against Delhi the way he had against Colombo. What few know is that some Tamil Nadu politicians encouraged this dream by saying that they too favoured the extension of Eelam to India.

Q: Who were they?

A: I won't reveal their names. All I can say is that Prabhakaran was in regular touch with Karunanidhi, Nedumaran, Vaiko and Ramadoss. All four encouraged him in various ways. One point he made often to me was that Tamil Nadu politicians (who were in touch with him) were supporters of freedom for the Tamils only when they were out of power. Once in office, they became silent about the need for (a greater) Eelam.


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Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India Empty Re: Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India

Post by Marathadi-Saamiyaar Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:47 pm

I am sure it was/is Vaiko.

Ironically, the BJP/RSS were complete supporters of LTTE/ Tamils - but for the reason that the majority of Lankan Tamils are Hindus. Remember Fernandez strongly supporting LTTE and airdashing so many times?


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Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India Empty Re: Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India

Post by Kayalvizhi Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:42 pm

Sara, You are clueless about this interview? This interview was actually by Mahinda Rajapakse. He was talking but KP is sitting in front of the reporter and moving his lips.

Upp has even less of a clue abiut BJP agenda.

Fernandaz is worthless little "friend"


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Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India Empty Re: Some TN leaders wanted Eelam in India

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