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UPA played politics with Gujarat on Food Security!

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UPA played politics with Gujarat on Food Security! Empty UPA played politics with Gujarat on Food Security!

Post by rawemotions Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:24 pm


Essentially, the old criteria stipulated by the Central government to count BPL families for which it supplied food grains only included one criterion. By that calculation, the number of BPL families in Gujarat came to around 21 lakh. The Modi government eventually included an additional criterion followed by its Rural Department which added around 11 lakh families in the BPL count.
Therefore, it was really the Modi government which sought a significant increase in the BPL families count.
Thirdly, pursuant to this increase in the count of BPL families, the Modi government asked the UPA to supply more food grains to Gujarat to provide them to 11 lakh additional families. Under our federal governance structure, it is the Central Government which is responsible for supply of food grains to states for the BPL families.

Any guesses who rejected that request? The UPA!
In blaming Modi for poverty lines, Sonia Gandhi overlooked the fact that it was her own party’s government which curtailed the list of BPL families eligible for supply of food grains and which refused to provide additional grains for the additional 11 lakh families counted by GoG despite several requests.


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