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Ashdoc's movie review---Hate story part 2

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Ashdoc's movie review---Hate story part 2 Empty Ashdoc's movie review---Hate story part 2

Post by ashdoc Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:02 pm

Hate story part 1 had delivered on both storyline , acting and above all on the oomph and sex scenes . The promos of part 2 promised the same . So off I went to the theater licking my lips in anticipation of some mouthwatering skin show and explicit sex scenes between the hero and heroine . 

But as the movie started what do I get ?? The leading actress Surveen Chawla is being hunted like an animal by villain Sushant Singh's men , and she has to run from place to place hiding her face which is looking less and less attractive as events move forward....

.....And Sushant Singh and his men indulge in violence that made me cringe , primarily because I had not come with the expectation of that . The story moves forward like a thriller , and a not particularly good one at that . 

When the sex scenes come , they come in the midst of violence on one hand and the expectation of future violence on the other hand---and because of this , they do not give us the hots ; who in the audience is going to get some sexciting feeling when one knows that the ones doing the sex are going to get beaten up within minutes and most probably killed in the worst way possible.....?? Not me at least .

The heroine is not particularly good looking , while her acting is only so so . It is left to Sunny Leone to give us what we want ( at least what I want , and you all know that , don't you ) in some measure , and she does succeed upto some extent in an item song which left me asking for more of her....

The male actors are better than the heroine . 
Jay Bhanushali playing the heroine's romantic interest looks good with his half shaven face and acts decent too , but his role is too short as he is killed too early in the movie . Later he is needlessly brought in for some scenes , but they seem to have been inserted to give him some scope for acting--so short is his role . 

The villain Sushant Singh looks like he has carried on from his acting in Ram Gopal Verma flicks like Rakhtacharitra . His menace and capacity for violence looks all too real . Above all his ruthless lack of empathy for other people's feelings and crazed obsession to get what he wants all cost---all this was well acted out . 

Siddharth Kher as police inspector acted well too , and didn't look too bad sporting a goatee .

One woman I forgot to mention was the actress who played Sushant Singh's wife . She looks lovely in sarees and especially the sleeveless ones---to the point that I began to wonder why the director has to show Sushant lusting for the heroine when he has such a lovely wife . Must be really crazy---I mean Sushant .

Which brings us to Sushant's crazed lust for Surveen Chawla ( the heroine ) . He is a marathi politician of the Thackeray mould , complete with photos or statues of Shivaji and Veer Savarkar hanging in the background . He hasn't probably heard of stuff like ' If you love somebody then set her free , if she comes to you then she was yours or else she wasn't yours to begin with.....blah blah blah '. What he wants he must have , and he holds Surveen as a sex slave . 

When Surveen tries to break free by falling in love with Jay , he kills Jay and tries to kill Surveen . Now that was the corniest part of the film . On both occasions when he has the chance to kill Surveen he leaves her only half dead , and in typically filmy fashion she manages to rise as a phoenix from the ashes---otherwise how will the film move forward anyway....?? 

And when Surveen does manage to rise back like a phoenix---hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....She takes terrible revenge by killing Sushant's men one by one . But the manner in which they are killed is competes with the manner in which Surveen was left needlessly half alive for being corny . None of Sushant's men are killed in a convincing manner . That is the weakest point of the film . 

So who wins in the battle between good and evil ?? Not worth watching....

What was interesting to me as a marathi was the new trend of showing maharashtrians as villains in films---first in 'Ek villain' , now in this film....
What is not so interesting is Bollywood's bad and repetitive habit of showing the nationalist brigade as embodiments of evil once again. Though not explicitly shown , it is subtly hinted at by showing hindutva icons like Tilak Savarkar and Shivaji in the background when the villain is around . And as a voter of those parties I must protest....

Verdict---Not good .


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