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Cooking with my 10 yr old son! :-)

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Cooking with my 10 yr old son! :-) Empty Cooking with my 10 yr old son! :-)

Post by TruthSeeker Tue May 19, 2015 10:45 pm

My son declared - daddy, I like those Indian spicy cashews.


What did he mean, he remembered that I had desi-fried the cashews I got from Costco when he was 4?

I let him be the Chef in the kitchen tonight.

Take out the pan. Put it on medium. Put the olive oil. Stir to touch each piece. Put this spice to another.

I let him do everything, till I asked him to taste. Umm. Maybe we can add a little more chilli powder.

He did it all.

Then came the biggest lesson of them all, as his mom looked proudly:

Dude, we clean up the kitchen, after we are done. Put this pan in the sink. Put these spices back.

Ha, what fun cooking a simple thing with your son! :-)

Invaluable experience,


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