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How Modi fell into Rahuls' trap

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How Modi fell into Rahuls' trap Empty How Modi fell into Rahuls' trap

Post by confuzzled dude Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:28 pm

"This is a suit-boot-ki-sarkar", said one Rahul, the Congress Dynast. "This is not the Modi government", said another Rahul, a patriarch of the Bajaj Auto group. The two statements are pregnant with meaning. The Dynast's meaning was to suggest that Narendra Modi's government favours crony businessmen. Rahul Bajaj’s quip was intended to suggest that Modi was not proving to be the friend of business that he was thought to be.

All the current problems faced by Modi – the parliamentary gridlock, failure to pass key legislation, the lack of new energy in the economy, and growing business disillusionment with him - can best be explained by the wide gulf between the statements of the two Rahuls. Modi has allowed himself to be trapped by the aggressive repositioning of his brand by one Rahul, and has failed to live up to his real image and playing to his strengths, which is what the Bajaj Auto Rahul was trying to say.

The first rule of success is to play to your strengths, not try to cover up your weaknesses. The second rule is, never forget the first rule. Rahul Gandhi has made Modi forget both. He has half-succeeded as Modi has obliged him by being defensive about what he is.

It is clear what Rahul Gandhi is trying to do. He is attempting to reposition Brand Modi as anti-poor and pro-cronies, and since the former Gujarat CM was indeed pro-business in his earlier avatar, this is not unbelievable. To protect his left flank and his image of being incorruptible, Modi has been trying to distance himself from his earlier image - thus neatly falling into the Congress trap. In trying to grab the old Congress space and to rebut the anti-poor slur, Modi has nearly lost his own USP. He has abandoned his strengths to embrace unlikely success by working on his perceived weaknesses.

confuzzled dude

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How Modi fell into Rahuls' trap Empty Re: How Modi fell into Rahuls' trap

Post by Hellsangel Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:40 pm

Oh what a clever guy that Rahul Gandhi is! He deliberately lost the Parliament so he could trap Modi.

Oh what a fan of the clever Rahul Comrade Reddy garu is!

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