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A short interlude in Indian civilization.....

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A short interlude in Indian civilization.....  Empty A short interlude in Indian civilization.....

Post by Vakavaka Pakapaka Thu May 04, 2017 1:26 pm

.....Nehruvian and Indira's Socialism/Secularism are a small interlude in the long history of India. Bogus Sikularism that CONmen have been peddling, is nothing but a front for vote-bank politics that stopped paying dividends since the last general election. No political party in its right mind can get away with stomping on its majority community for long.

.....The real founding fathers of the Indian civilization lived in ancient times. When the whole world was living in darkness, in India, they advocated self analysis, growth and enlightenment. Their ideas set the foundation for a comprehensive culture and a prosperous society. Before barbarians entered India, it was the most prosperous place in the world.

.....India will regain its rightful place in the world, now that the majority community is realizing what has been happening for the last 70 years.

.....Good bye Nehru, Jalaluddin, Aurangajeb, Periyar, Kancha & Soonya, et al.,
.....and Hello India's cultural strength......

.....Garibi Hatao......

Vakavaka Pakapaka

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