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Misleading information about Sri Madhvacharya on Wikipedia

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Misleading information about Sri Madhvacharya on Wikipedia Empty Misleading information about Sri Madhvacharya on Wikipedia

Post by Seva Lamberdar Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:17 am

The Wikipedia article currently on Madhvacharya, the great proponent of Dvaita philosophy, includes the dubious information that Madhvacharya had proclaimed himself to be an incarnation (Avatar) of the Vedic deity Vayu and having also had a personal encounter with Lord Vishnu.

In reality, perhaps such misleading claims about Madhava (especially as an incarnation of Vayu and his encounter with Vishnu) might not be due to him or starting during his lifetime, but very likely introduced later by his devotees and the followers of Dvaita to get upper hand against others (followers of Advaita, etc.) and find more acceptance from public.

Note in this regard (the spurious claims about Madhva) the following statement by esteemed philosopher and author S. Radhakrishnan in one of his books on philosophy,

"Narayanacarya's Madhvavijya and Manimanjari contain the orthodox account of Madhva's life and work. If we eliminate the miracles and supernatural incidents which the piety of his followers attributed to him, we may get the historical basis of Madhva's life and mission."   Ref.: S. Radhakrishnan, Indian Philosophy (Vol. II), pp. 738 (footnote #2), Oxford University Press, 1989 edition (first published 1923), ISBN 019563820-4
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