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Happy World Music Day (June 21, 2021)!

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Happy World Music Day (June 21, 2021)! Empty Happy World Music Day (June 21, 2021)!

Post by Seva Lamberdar Mon Jun 21, 2021 8:39 am

Unsung musicians of India (courtesy TOI):

"Due to COVID-19 lockdown musicians have been badly affected as platforms and public spaces were shut. Especially the up-and-coming musicians belonging to small towns have not been so lucky as their performance was completely locked down. Today, their life is filled with uncertainties. Leaving aside those who have made their mark at the national or international level, the less-commercial artists are unable to make a living. On World Music Day, June 21, 2021 we pay a tribute to them. (watch the video in the link below)":

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