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West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle breaks the nose of 11 year old Indian girl

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West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle breaks the nose of 11 year old Indian girl Empty West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle breaks the nose of 11 year old Indian girl

Post by Guest Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:43 pm

BANGALORE: Late Tuesday night, Team Bangalore's deadly opener Chris Gayle took Team Pune to the cleaners but he also sent 11-year-old Tia Bhatia
to the operation theatre. After his huge six broke her nose, he rushed
to her bedside, held her hand, planted a kiss and profusely apologized.
He was hit for a six when she told him, "It's an honour to be hit by

The Bhatia family, residents of Kalyan Nagar, was
soaking in the excitement at the Chinnaswamy Stadium until the
penultimate ball of the 13th over which Gayle slammed into the stands
and the ball cannoned into her.

Tia was rushed to the nearby Mallya Hospital
by stadium paramedics and underwent surgery around 9am on Wednesday.
"She was admitted with a fractured nasal bone and was bleeding. Doctors
performed nasal bone repair surgery and she should recover within a week
or two. She may be discharged in two days," said Dr Kanchan Sanyal,
medical superintendent of the hospital.

Gayle rushed to meet
11-year-old Tia in hospital on Tuesday night after he learnt that one of
his huge sixes in the match against Team Pune had broken her nose. He
even gave her the medal won for hitting the maximum sixes in the match,
and also his jacket. A friend accompanying Gayle said: "She reportedly
said that if this was the treatment she got, she wouldn't mind getting
hit again!" And Tia asked him to continue hammering those sixes.

After meeting Tia, Gayle tweeted: "Thanks! Really amazing game-that's
#IPL. Visit Tia who got hit by 1 of my sixes, broken nose (her 1st word
to me is to Chill. She's fine!)". Vijay Mallya and his son Siddhartha,
owners of Team Bangalore, also visited her past midnight.

The Bhatia family refused to talk to the media. Team Bangalore
manager Avinash Vaidhya told TOI from Mohali that the team planned to
invite Tia to their next game in Bangalore. If rules can be bent given
the circumstances, a visit to the dressing room is not ruled out. Should
that happen, watch out for more little girls and boys flocking to the
stadium, hoping to come in the way of a Gayle six.


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