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Post by rawemotions Mon May 30, 2011 12:58 pm

Addressing a massive gathering at the Azmat-e-Sahaba (Conference on companions of Prophet Muhammad), organized by Arshad Madani faction of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind in Ramlila Ground New Delhi on March 26 he urged the Indian Muslims "to unite to change the social order" in India and suggested that the followers of Islam should use advance technology including internet and electronic media to take the message of the religion across the world.


The Mecca Imam, in the past was known for his hard line Wahhabi ideology. He once supported the separatist movement in Kashmir. For exampl on November 1, 2002, he stated "O Allah, support our mujahedeen brothers in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya." (Middle East Media Research Institute).Criticizing the Indian army for its alleged atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims and terming the movement in the valley as Jihad he had urged the Muslims in India to join it.

Apart from attacking Jews, the hate speeches of Al-Sudais against non-Muslims also included Hindus and Christians. John Ware on the BBC programme Panorama broadcast on 21 August 2005 cited him referring disparagingly to Christians as “cross-worshippers” and Hindus as “idol worshippers”. “The worst ... of the enemies of Islam are those... whom he... made monkeys and pigs, the aggressive Jews and oppressive Zionists and those that follow them: the callers of the trinity and the cross worshippers... those influenced by the rottenness of their ideas and the poison of their cultures the followers of secularism... How can we talk sweetly when the Hindus and the idol worshippers indulge in their overwhelming hatred against our brothers... in Muslim Kashmir...” (Sunday 21 August 2005, 22:20 BST on BBC One).

John in his comments said, “ Sudais had one voice for his Western audience - another for his followers in Saudi Arabia”. For inciting passions against the Jews, Hindus and Christians and using filthy words against even Muslims of non-Wahhabi sects like the Barelvis for worshipping the tombs of Sufi saints, Shias and other Muslim minorities, he has been facing international criticism.

In May 2009 Al Sudais said, “Muslims must do their part "to bring the Kashmiris out of the Indian despotism and autocracy, and [Muslims] should join hands with Kashmiris in this crucial situation… The Indian Army launched genocide by killing innocent children and by raping women; mosques were being demolished and they wanted to impose the secular and blasphemous system in Kashmir…"( MEMRI). Internationally reputed for his hateful and confrontationist sermons against non-Muslims, he endorsed the separatist movement in Kashmir as Jihad and urging the Muslims for joining it. (MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 2365 dated May 20, 2009). He had also stated, “How can we talk sweetly when the Hindus and the idol worshippers kuffar... indulge in their overwhelming hatred against our brothers…in Muslim Kashmir”(Wikipedia). In view of such frequent sermons calling on believers to help other Muslims in war-torn regions and hate speeches against the non-Muslims, the ‘Anti-Defamation League, an international non-governmental organization based in United States was even barred from conferences in the United States and refused entry to Canada. (Wikipedia).

Similarly Barelvi Muslims who constitute largest group of Muslim population in Indian sub-continent maintain that “Mecca Imam does not represent the Sunni Muslims of the world and he is not our leader”. They condemned the visit of the Imam in India on the plea that it was “Wahhabi-Deobandi nexus to popularize Wahabi extremist Ideology in Indian Subcontinent” ( They also “expressed grave concerns over the false propaganda run by Urdu Media to show the Imam as most revered personality of Islamic world”. They even demanded the Mecca Imam for a clarification on the treaty made between Indian Muslim leaders and the Saudi Kingdon in 1925 in which king Abdul Azeez (Ibn Saud) had promised to hand over Mecca, Medina and other cities of Hijaj under the custodianship of a united body of world Muslim leaders after the establishment of peace in the region but the treaty has so far not been followed. They also asked the Imam to convey this message of Indian Muslims to Saudi king Abdullah. (Ibid).


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