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Why America is more developed than India

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Why America is more developed than India Empty Why America is more developed than India

Post by Rishi Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:28 pm

In the past, Justice Katju has waxed eloquent
on how 90% of Indians are idiots and we are a poverty-stricken nation
because we are unscientific, believe in astrology and pay way too much
attention to filmstars. Yet, that does not explain why the United
States, a nation where Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous and
where the creationism v/s evolution debate gets serious attention, is so
much more developed than India. A better explanation is that the United
States has better institutions than India. Acemoglu and Robinson have
written an entire book on the subject (Why Nations Fail) and have
talked about how equality before the law (among other things) ensures
that a larger chunk of a nation’s citizens can access the means to
prosperity and economic success.
If the good Justice does want to
genuinely see the development of India, he would agree that Dutt’s case
is a good motif to illustrate that everyone faces the same economic
incentives and punitive deterrents under a genuinely democratic system.
This opportunity must not be squandered.


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