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Massive Protests against "Tribal" Mary in Ranchi

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Massive Protests against "Tribal"  Mary in Ranchi Empty Massive Protests against "Tribal" Mary in Ranchi

Post by rawemotions Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:58 pm

It is kind of sad, that people are focusing their energies on such issues rather than economic development. Do not understand why so much efforts are being taken to induce conversions? Wonder where is  John Dayal and other busybodies in National Integration Council, because this act does not seem to aid National Integration.!

More than 20,000 followers of Sarna religion marched from Dravid Ashram near Dhurwa dam to Roman Catholic Church of Singpur village, with a one foot tall statue of Virgin Mary, proposing to bring down the statue of Virgin Mary in the tribal avatar at the church and replace it with the original statue. The protestors were stopped to go near the church by police so they changed their route and assembled at a nearby ground for a 'Mahasabha'.

The Virgin Mary statue which was unveiled in May this year by Cardinal Telesphor P Toppo, led to protests by the followers of 'Sarna Dharam' as Virgin Mary was made to look like a tribal woman. She is dark complexioned, wears a red-bordered white sari like the tribal women do on auspicious occasions and carry a baby Christ in a sling.
Sarna Dharmguru, Bandhan Tigga, said, "This is a conspiracy to convert the tribals. If the statue of Virgin Mary in the tribal avatar is not removed, then hundred years from now the tribals will end up believing that Virgin Mary is Ma Sarna, the nature goddess whom we worship."


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